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Coffee from Papua New Guinea

coffee from Papua New Guinea

Coffee from Papua New Guinea comes in a range of premium varieties.  Ideal growing conditions, including fertile volcanic soil, high altitudes, and a tropical climate, contribute to the wonderful tastes and aromas of this country’s coffees. Come explore the flavors, aromas, and other characteristics of the three prominent coffee varieties grown in Papua New Guinea: Arusha, Typica, and Bourbon. Each of these varieties contributes to the nation’s rich coffee heritage, offering a captivating coffee experience.

Arusha Coffee from Papua New Guinea

Arusha coffee, named after the Tanzanian town where it was first cultivated, found its way to Papua New Guinea during the early 20th century. This variety flourishes in the fertile highlands, particularly in the regions of Eastern Highlands, Western Highlands, and Morobe. Here are some key features of Arusha coffee:

Arusha coffee delights the palate with its vibrant and bright acidity, characterized by citrusy and floral notes. The flavor is often described as complex, offering a balanced combination of fruitiness and hints of spices. This variety leaves a pleasantly lingering aftertaste.

Arusha coffee exudes a captivating aroma that is both enticing and fragrant. The fragrance carries notes of sweet florals, tropical fruits, and a subtle earthiness, contributing to a truly aromatic experience.

Arusha is a medium bodied coffee, providing a smooth and silky texture. It offers a pleasant mouthfeel that is neither too heavy nor too light, striking a harmonious balance.

Typica Coffee from Papua New Guinea

Typica, an heirloom variety, traces its origins back to the ancient coffee forests of Ethiopia. Papua New Guinea embraced this cherished cultivar, which thrives in the country’s high-altitude regions. Here are the notable characteristics of Typica coffee:

Typica coffee boasts a refined flavor profile characterized by mild acidity and delicate sweetness. It showcases a harmonious balance with subtle notes of chocolate, nuts, and a gentle hint of fruity undertones. The flavor profile of Typica is often regarded as nuanced and sophisticated.

The aroma of Typica coffee is captivatingly aromatic, enveloping the senses with its enticing fragrance. It presents a pleasing combination of floral notes, hints of caramel, and a subtle spiciness, adding depth to the overall sensory experience.

Typica coffee exhibits a medium to full body, providing a satisfyingly rich and velvety mouthfeel. The well-rounded body adds a layer of depth to the overall coffee experience, enhancing its appeal.

Bourbon Coffee Variety

Bourbon coffee, originating from the Bourbon Island (now Réunion) in the Indian Ocean, was introduced to Papua New Guinea during the colonial era. It has since thrived in the country’s fertile highland regions. Let’s explore the defining features of Bourbon coffee:

Bourbon coffee entices the taste buds with its exquisite flavor profile. It offers a delicate and well-balanced acidity, complemented by notes of caramel, chocolate, and a hint of stone fruit. The flavor is often described as smooth and mellow, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a refined coffee experience.

The aroma of Bourbon coffee is captivating, exuding an enchanting blend of sweetness and elegance. It carries delicate floral notes, caramelized undertones, and a touch of spiciness, creating an alluring olfactory experience.

Bourbon coffee exhibits a medium body that strikes a pleasing equilibrium between richness and drinkability. It possesses a velvety texture that coats the palate, providing a satisfying mouthfeel without overwhelming the senses.

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Papua New Guinea stands as a captivating coffee destination, offering a diverse range of coffee varieties that showcase the country’s rich coffee heritage. The Arusha, Typica, and Bourbon varieties each bring their unique characteristics to the table, ensuring a delightful experience for coffee enthusiasts.

Arusha captivates with its vibrant acidity, complex flavor profile, and enticing aroma. Typica entices with its delicate sweetness, nuanced flavors, and refined aroma. Bourbon charms with its smooth and mellow taste, alluring fragrance, and well-balanced body.

Whether you savor the bright and lively notes of Arusha, the subtle and sophisticated flavors of Typica, or the smooth elegance of Bourbon, exploring the coffee varieties of Papua New Guinea is an adventure that promises to indulge and enchant your senses. So, raise your cup and immerse yourself in the remarkable world of Papua New Guinean coffee, and choose the ones that will join the list of your favorites.

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