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Coffee from Rwanda

coffee from rwanda

Coffee from Rwanda is grown at high altitude farms near the city of Kigali. Rwandan coffee known for its high acidity, which makes it a popular choice for espresso drinks. Come explore the coffee varieties of Rwanda: Bourbon, Catuai, and Caturra.

Bourbon Coffee

Bourbon beans offer a delightful aromatic experience. The aromas are often described as sweet, fruity, and floral, with hints of caramel and chocolate. Bourbon coffee has a well-balanced, medium body with a smooth mouthfeel. Its taste profile has notes of red fruit, such as cherry and plum. Bourbon coffee has a subtle acidity that lends brightness to the cup. Its pleasant sweetness and mild nuttiness, makes it a favorite of most coffee lovers.

Catuai Coffee

The Catuai variety is a crossbreed of the Mundo Novo and Caturra varieties. Catuai beans have a distinct aroma that is often described as nutty and cocoa-like, with subtle floral undertones.

Catuai coffee has a well-defined acidity and a medium body that provides liveliness to each sip. Its has a harmonious blend of sweetness and bitterness, with notes of caramel, milk chocolate, and toasted nuts.

Catuai is a popular choice for espresso-based beverages because its higher acidity flavor can cut through the taste of milk to create a balanced, creamy cup.

Caturra Coffee

Caturra is a mutation of Bourbon coffee that originated in Brazil and is now widely cultivated throughout Central and South America.  This variety has a rich, inviting aroma with hints of caramel, brown sugar, and toasted almonds.

Caturra has a medium to full body and a vibrant acidity. It has a delightful sweetness that will remind you of honey or molasses, with notes of dark chocolate and red berries. This coffee provides a balanced drink, with a smooth finish that leaves a lingering, pleasant aftertaste.

Discover the Coffee Variety from Rwanda that You Like Best

Explore the coffees of Rwanda, and find your favorite varieties. Try the sweet and fruity profile of Bourbon, the harmonious balance of Catuai and the rich complexity of Caturra.  One or more of Rwanda’s coffees will enchant you.

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